The World Baseball Classic starts tonight at 11 pm EST in Taiwan with the first matchup of Pool A, Cuba vs Netherlands. Right before the tournament begins in just a couple of hours, here are some predictions on how the 2023 WBC will play out.

Pool A Results

  1. Cuba
  2. Netherlands
  3. Italy
  4. Panama
  5. Chinese Taipei

Pool A MVP: Luis Robert, Cuba

Pool B Results

  1. Japan
  2. South Korea
  3. Australia
  4. Czech Republic
  5. China

Pool B MVP: Shohei Ohtani, Japan

Pool C Results

  1. United States
  2. Mexico
  3. Colombia
  4. Canada
  5. Great Britain

Pool C MVP: Nolan Arenado, United States

Pool D Results

  1. Dominican Republic
  2. Puerto Rico
  3. Venezuela
  4. Israel
  5. Nicaragua

Pool D MVP: Julio Rodriguez, Dominican Republic



QF1: South Korea vs Cuba

Winner: South Korea


QF2: Netherlands vs Japan

Winner: Japan


QF3: Mexico vs Dominican Republic

Winner: Dominican Republic


QF4: Puerto Rico vs United States

Winner: United States



SF1: South Korea vs Dominican Republic

Winner: Dominican Republic


SF2: Japan vs United States

Winner: Japan



Japan vs Dominican Republic

World Champions: Dominican Republic

WBC MVP: Juan Soto, Dominican Republic



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