The NFL season is sadly over, with the Kansas City Chiefs capturing the latest Super Bowl title across Pennsylvania sports betting, a particularly painful outcome for the runner-up Philadelphia Eagles.
Now begins the countdown until the new season starts. And this got us thinking here at BetPennsylvania — what do people think of the Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers’ fanbases?

Both teams have devout followings and aren’t allergic to on-field success, either. The Eagles’ recent run to the Super Bowl came just five years after Nick Foles, Doug Pederson, and company upset Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII. Now with Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni leading the way, the Eagles look ready to fly high again for years to come after just falling short against the Chiefs.

Meanwhile, the Steelers are led by future Hall of Famer Mike Tomlin, who, since taking over as coach in 2007, has never posted a losing season, a remarkable stat that is worth remembering across PA betting apps next year.

That stat, plus the Super Bowl title Tomlin helped deliver in 2008, has made life pretty good for Steelers fans. But how do other fanbases feel about both Pennsylvania-based teams?

To find this out, we collected data from folks across the U.S. to tell us what fans really think of different teams, including, but not limited to, the Eagles and Steelers, and if location affects this.

Simply read on to find out more!

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Everything’s Bigger In Texas

Taking the top spot among the most cringy NFL fanbases was none other than the Dallas Cowboys, with 16.6% of NFL fans voting for them as the cringiest supporters. And both local Pennsylvanian teams, the Eagles and the Steelers fans voted the Cowboys fanbase as the most cringy, too, which makes plenty of sense for the NFC East rival Eagles.

Why do Steelers fans find fault with the Cowboys? Perhaps it’s the outspokenness of owner Jerry Jones and the steady national TV windows that make fans a little tired of the Cowboys faithful.

Either way, the Cowboys’ fanbase is one thing the Eagles and Steelers can agree on.

Not So Fast: Eagles Come In At No. 2

Here’s where it gets personal. The Eagles fanbase came in second place, with 9.9% of fans stating this team’s supporters are nearly as cringey as the Cowboys!

However, that total for the Eagles is still 6.7% less than the Cowboys, at 16.6%, which certainly counts for something.

Why so high for the Eagles? Well, let’s just say it’s a passionate fanbase. Think about Robert De Niro’s character in the film “Silver Linings Playbook” getting banned from the Eagles stadium for fighting or when the fanbase took out their frustrations on Santa Claus himself in 1968 by pelting him with snowballs.

Eagles fans have no shortage of passion, and that’s a big reason why they are so high on this list.

Steelers Also Crack The Top 10, For Better Or Worse

The Steelers also couldn’t escape the Top 10, with 3.3% of fans voting for them, good for No. 8 on our list.

Why the animosity towards the Steel Curtain? While Tomlin certainly has the respect of fans across the states, we’re guessing longtime Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t for everyone.

Plus, when you win at the consistent clip that the Steelers do, you simply make enemies. Here’s thinking fans of the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and Baltimore Ravens are fed up with Tomlin’s winning ways.

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The data was collected through a survey of a sample size of 2,000 US sports fans, asking who they found were the cringiest fans in the NFL.

Featured Image: USA Today
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