If you love hockey, what do you know about it? If you love the sport, how can you show your love for the game?
Don’t worry, because you don’t have to know all this information.

What we recommend you do is take a deep dive into knowing more about the game. Instead of watching it once on TV and that’s all, discover more about the game and its details.  

Read below for an ultimate guide for NHL lovers to learn about the sport.

Let’s get into it!

1) Know the Different Leagues and Teams in NHL 

NHL stands for the National Hockey League, and it is composed of 31 teams and 7 different-tiered leagues. The 7 leagues are the following:

  • National Hockey League
  • The American Hockey League
  • The East Coast Hockey League
  • The Central Hockey League
  • The Federal Hockey League
  • The Atlantic Hockey League
  • The Southern Professional Hockey League

Each of these teams can reach up to 7 levels within these leagues. The NHL teams are split into two divisions which are the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. 

With the knowledge of these different levels, teams, and leagues, avid hockey fans can get an idea of the competitive landscape throughout the NHL.

2) Understand the Basic Game Rules

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The most important rule is the offsides rule. Offsides occur when an offensive player who is ahead of the puck crosses the blue line into the defending zone before the puck. It also results in a stoppage of play and a faceoff at the side of the rink closest to the infraction.

Another important rule is the icings rule, which states that if a player shoots the puck from inside the defensive zone across two red lines without being touched by another player, the faceoff is taken in the offending team’s zone.

Lastly, any contact above the shoulders, such as high sticking, elbowing, and butt-ending, will result in a minor or major penalty, depending on the severity of the contact. These are just some of the important NHL rules that will help you understand the game.

3) Stay-Up-To-Date on Scoring and Stats

Keeping an eye on NHL scoring and stats is essential for any avid fan. Staying updated on the current stats of your favorite team and players is a great way to stay connected to the game.

There are several tools available that make keeping tabs on stats and scores easy. ESPN, FOX Sports, and NHL.com are great resources to get quick and accurate updates on stats, team standings, and more.

Social media accounts also offer great ways to:

  • Interact with fellow fans
  • Get behind-the-scenes views of players
  • Participate in post-game analysis

Additionally, it is essential for die-hard fans to follow the latest news about the teams and players. Read all the gossip surrounding them and learn more about who is playing and why.

4) Best Venues to Watch Games

The best venues for watching a game are the ones that not only have great sightlines but also offer an enjoyable fan experience. Whether it’s an in-stadium bar or a jumbotron, these amenities often make the difference in creating a great fan experience.

Some of the best venues in the NHL include:

  • T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas
  • The United Center in Chicago
  • Rogers Place in Edmonton
  • Scotiabank Arena in Toronto
  • Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg
  • PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh

From the high-energy atmosphere of Las Vegas to the die-hard energy of Winnipeg, these top venues offer something special that every fan should experience at least once.

5) Attend a Game and Experience the Excitement

Going to an NHL game can be an unforgettable experience for any NHL fan. Some cities are known for their passionate fans and incredible energy, so it’s worth splurging on a seat at a popular arena. There are many ways to buy NHL tickets, but be sure to obtain them from a reputable source and always double-check the details before purchasing. Finally, be sure to bring some snacks, get a few souvenirs, and appreciate the skill of professional hockey.

With these tips, any NHL fan is sure to enhance their game day experience.

6) Show Support for the Team

Showing support for the team is one of the most important things for any NHL fan.

There are a few things to show the team that the fan base is behind them, which include:

  • Wearing team apparel throughout the season
  • Posting on social media using a team hashtag
  • Showing up to the arena games and events

Additionally, attending watch parties is a great way to have fun with friends and show your support for the team. Ultimately, it is important for NHL fans to show their support in any way that they can to help them succeed.

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NHL fans should make the most of their experience by learning the rules, exploring the different teams, and tuning in to watch the games. With the help of this guide, NHL fans can take their fandom to the next level and experience great hockey.

Now grab some popcorn and your favorite jersey, sit back, and enjoy the game

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