Watching sports is a popular pastime, with millions of fans across the country passionately donning the colors of their favorite teams each game day.
But which major league franchises have the most sought-after sports jerseys? We decided to find out!

Researching the number of annual Google searches for the jerseys of each team across the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, as well as some of the world’s biggest soccer teams, we’ve ranked the most sought-after team wear in America.

The 10 Most Sought-After Sports Jerseys


Ranking each major league sports team by the number of Google searches for their jersey over the past 12 months, it’s interesting to see the NFL dominate the Top 50, making up almost half the list. However, when focusing on the Top 10, the split between MLB, NFL, and NBA teams is almost even.

Taking the top spot as the most popular sports jersey in America, we have MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers. Incredibly, the Dodgers are the only major league team to record over two million annual Google searches for their jersey – though winning the World Series in 2020 might have something to do with their spike in popularity!

Next, the Philadelphia Eagles, which lost in the last Super Bowl, have recorded 1.98 million Google searches for their jerseys in the last year, ahead of 2022 World Series winner Houston Astros (1.85 million). The San Francisco 49ers (1.59 million) claim fourth, followed by 2022 NBA champion Golden State Warriors (1.51 million) and 17-time winner Los Angeles Lakers (1.4 million).

Next up, a remarkable 1.36 million people searched for the Dallas Cowboys’ jersey last year, while the MLB’s San Diego Padres (1.15 million) rank eighth. Finally, rounding out the Top 10 most sought-after sports jerseys, we have replica team wear for the Chicago Bulls (1.11 million) and New York Yankees (1.07 million).

The Most Popular Jerseys Across Each Major League

We know the Top 10 overall, but which sportswear is the most sought-after across each of America’s major leagues?



Joining the Eagles, 49ers, and Cowboys among the NFL teams with the most popular jerseys, we have the Las Vegas Raiders (921,720) and six-time Super Bowl winner Pittsburgh Steelers (879,600).

Meanwhile, last season’s champion Kansas City Chiefs (796,440) take sixth, ahead of the Cincinnati Bengals (792,360), Minnesota Vikings (771,600), and New England Patriots (758,640). Finally, the Arizona Cardinals (756,960) round out the Top 10 NFL teams by jersey popularity.

At the other end of the table, the Jacksonville Jaguars (204,720) have the least sought-after jersey, behind the Houston Texans (263,880) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (265,800).



Placing alongside the Warriors, Lakers, and Bulls, 17-time NBA champion Boston Celtics recorded just under a million Google searches for their jersey last year, ahead of Oklahoma City Thunder (958,320) and Miami Heat (808,080). Meanwhile, the Phoenix Suns (748,560) and Memphis Grizzlies (656,880) take eighth and ninth, Utah Jazz (628,920) round out the Top 10, and 2021 NBA champion the Milwaukee Bucks (618,240) just missed out.

At the other end of the table, the Portland Trail Blazers (132,960) officially have the least sought-after jersey in the NBA, with the New Orleans Pelicans (156,240) and Philadelphia 76ers (192,360) not far behind.



Ranking MLB teams by jersey popularity, the Dodgers, Astros, Padres, and Yankees are joined by the New York Mets (861,480) at the top of the table. The Atlanta Braves (845,760) place sixth, ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies (813,480) and San Francisco Giants (781,320). And rounding out the Top 10, we have a double dose of Chicago with the Cubs (767,160) and White Sox (702,120), while the Boston Red Sox (675,720) just miss out.

At the foot of the table, just over 200,000 people searched for the Milwaukee Brewers’ jersey on Google in the last year, with the Toronto Blue Jays (212,040) and Kansas City Royals (217,920) not fairing much better.


Just four NHL teams place inside the Top 50 major league franchises by jersey popularity. The Anaheim Ducks (774,840) lead by quite some way. They rank 22nd overall, with Ducks’ sportswear more sought-after than that of the NFL’s New England Patriots, MLB’s Boston Red Sox, and NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.

Meanwhile, other hockey teams to feature include the Boston Bruins (588,720), New York Rangers (561,960), and Pittsburgh Penguins (560,040). Finally, the Washington Capitals (518,040) are the only other team to have recorded more than half a million jersey searches since March 2022.


We’ve looked at the number of Google searches for America’s major league replica jerseys, but how do Europe’s premier soccer teams compare? With 919,000 searches, the most sought-after soccer shirts are those of 14-time Champions League winner Real Madrid, followed by fellow Spaniards Barcelona (863,200).

Lionel Messi’s PSG prompted 764,080 searches, while Arsenal (649,680) is the most popular English team with greater interest than Premier League rivals Manchester United (642,840), Liverpool (511,320), Chelsea (445,560), Manchester City (409,320), and Tottenham (392,520).

Reviewing our findings, it’s interesting to see how popular some of the world’s most successful sports franchises are and which jerseys are the most sought-after among fans. For even more expert insight into the world of sports, head over to the blog.


Using, annual Google search volumes were collected for the jerseys of each team across the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, as well as some of the world’s biggest soccer teams.

Each team was then ranked from highest to lowest to reveal the most sought-after sports jerseys in America.

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