During the NFL season, it’s clear football fans are some of the sporting world’s most passionate and committed — particularly in the lead-up to the Super Bowl when supporters go wild for their teams.
But just which NFL teams actually have the most engaged fanbases online?

To uncover this, the team at USBettingReport.com, which provides coverage of all things online sports betting, used Buzzsumo to analyze the number of engagements and reactions of each team online to see which had the most reactive fans.

Curious about where your favorite team ranks?

Just carry on reading to find out!

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Buffalo Takes Crown as Most Engaged Fanbase

It appears to be a big win for the fans of the Buffalo Bills, aka the Bills Mafia, who takes the top spot for having the most engaged fanbase. Over the last 12 months, articles relating to the Bills have earned a total engagement rate of almost 6.72 million, over a million more than the team in second place.

Identifying the month Bills fans were most engaged; we can pinpoint January 2023’s pivotal loss to the Cincinnati Bengals that ended their season as the cause of the spike. In fact, this month saw online engagements reach over 2.7 million!

Not only this, but the Bills fanbase is also revealed as being the most reactive of all the NFL teams, with 1.2 million total social media reactions in the last 12 months. So, it appears the Bills Mafia has no issue dishing out a quick thumbs-up or heart emoji.

Engagement for Dallas Cowboys Totals Over 5 million

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Just missing out on the top spot are fans of the Dallas Cowboys, who still managed to achieve an impressive 5.03 million total engagements last year. This peaked at 720,000 in December 2022, a crucial month in which they played five games, so it appears fans may have been especially vocal online to show support.

When it comes to the most reactive NFL fanbases, the Cowboys fans move down to third, just behind the Kansas City Chiefs, with 881,200 total reactions.

March 2022 was the Most Engaging Month for Broncos Fans

Ranking as the third most engaged fanbase are Denver Bronco supporters. With 4.3 million total engagements, it appears Broncos fans are quick to engage with and share any news relating to their team.

Back in March 2022, the big story surrounding the team was the trade with the Seattle Seahawks for quarterback Russell Wilson. This clearly got the fanbase talking online, as the Colorado franchise saw its most engaged month at 917,800 interactions.

The Broncos also manage to make the top five reactive fanbases in the NFL, with over 500,000 reactions over the last 12 months.

Detroit Lions Take Fourth

Next up in fourth are fans of the Detroit Lions, with a total engagement rate of almost 3.84 million. Back in December 2022, there was some talk regarding the Lions’ chances at making the playoffs — something that, unfortunately for fans, didn’t happen — which may have played a role in this becoming their most engaged month (673,000).

Sadly, the Lions fanbase does move down in the rankings when it comes to being reactive, only placing eight. Die-hard Lions fans might want to remember to give a thumbs-up or heart emoji next time they see a post about their team.

Super Bowl Winner Kansas City in Fifth

Taking the final spot in the top five are the Kansas City Chiefs, and their fans have certainly had an exciting year.

But we’ll explore more about this team and their fans below…

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Which Super Bowl LVII Team Has the Most Engaged Fanbase?

So, we’ve gone over the five NFL teams with the most engaged fanbases, but what about the two teams who managed to recently make their way to Super Bowl LVII — we’re talking about the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, of course!

Which of these two teams has the most engaged fanbase? Let’s find out.

Kansas City Chiefs Finish Fifth

Being the most recent Super Bowl winners, the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase has undoubtedly shown love and support for its team online over the last 12 months, which has landed it a spot among the top five most engaged fanbases in the NFL.

As to be expected, fans were most active online near the time of the Super Bowl in February 2023, with this being their highest engagement month at 1.8 million — which impressively contributes to over half of their total engagements (3.48 million).

Philadelphia Eagles Just Miss Out… Again

Fresh off their loss at the Super Bowl, it’s unfortunate news again for fans of the Philadelphia Eagles as they come in ninth with a total engagement score of 2.24 million. While the most engaged month for the Eagles was in February 2023, around the time of the Super Bowl, at just over 1.02 million engagements, this wasn’t quite enough to beat the Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Whether it’s the regular season, Super Bowl, or build-up to the NFL Draft, fan engagement allows a franchise’s online presence to grow and offers fans an opportunity to interact with their team. For even more news on sports betting apps, visit USBettingReport.com.


To create the ranks, Buzzsumo was analyzed to reveal how reactive and engaged fans have been online since February 2022.

A ranking was then created based on the number of engagements and the number of reactions. Data correct as of Feb. 15, 2023.

Featured Image: US Betting Report
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