This year is going to have a dramatically different feel for the L.A Rams after the high of winning the Super Bowl two years ago.
It’s hard to find any analyst or fan who really believes this will be anything more than a rebuilding year, but there are veterans on the roster who might not be playing for much longer, so you know they aren’t going to settle for mediocrity.

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The unfortunate truth is if you look at the best betting sites California has to offer, there are only eight teams who are given a worse chance of winning the Super Bowl in the upcoming season, so perhaps it’s best for the fans to adjust their expectations.

Any real success is going to depend on this Draft class being a home run.

The Rams didn’t have a 1st round selection again, but they did take 14 players this year, so there’s a decent chance that they’ve hit on some of them.

Once you look past Aaron Donald on defense, there’s really not a lot that you have to game plan around with this Rams D. If you also consider that the Seahawks and 49ers appear to be capable of putting up points, Sean McVay is going to have to rely on his offense to carry the load. They still have Matthew Stafford, who can be an elite QB if he stays healthy, while Cooper Kupp was in the MVP conversation two seasons ago and will need to return to similar levels.

The most realistic outlook is a rebuilding year that looks to the future, but it’s not a foregone conclusion. Kyler Murray’s health is uncertain in Arizona going into the new season, Geno Smith will have to show he’s not a one-season wonder, and the 49ers don’t have any luck when it comes to keeping QBs on the field either. It’s not a surprise that it would be a huge shock if we go by the betting odds from the best betting sites in California, but there’s still a chance that the Rams could take the division if luck breaks their way.

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