With the NBA 2022/23 season coming to a close, the team at USBettingReport.com have conducted a study to find out which NBA fans have had the most stressful experience this year (based on data during the regular season). 

By creating an index, the team compared the stress levels of all 30 teams looking at factors such as close wins/losses, games lost when tipped as favorites, and many more.

While the Dallas Mavericks take the No.1 spot, where do the rest of the teams place?

Here is the complete table:

RankTeamNBA Stress Index Score (x/100)
1Dallas Mavericks60.1
2Atlanta Hawks55.5
3Utah Jazz54.2
4Minnesota Timberwolves53.8
5Miami Heat53.5
6Oklahoma City Thunder52.6
7Orlando Magic52.2
8Chicago Bulls52.1
9New York Knicks51.5
10Los Angeles Lakers49.4
11Toronto Raptors49.3
12Charlotte Hornets48.7
13Detroit Pistons48.0
14Indiana Pacers47.6
15Boston Celtics45.8
16San Antonio Spurs44.9
17New Orleans Pelicans44.8
18Portland Trail Blazers44.5
19Golden State Warriors44.0
20Houston Rockets42.7
21Los Angeles Clippers40.2
22Washington Wizards39.2
23Sacramento Kings38.3
24Brooklyn Nets37.8
25Phoenix Suns37.5
26Cleveland Cavaliers37.5
27Philadelphia 76ers36.5
28Denver Nuggets33.7
29Memphis Grizzlies29.9
30Milwaukee Bucks22.6


USBettingReport.com ranked the NBA’s most stressful teams of the 2022-23 regular season.

Photo: Jason Getz/USA TODAY Sports

To create this, several different metrics were considered, including:

Weight = 20

  • Close wins/losses – Games won or lost with a margin of 3 or less.
  • Number of games in overtime – The number of games that went into overtime.
  • Losses as favorites – Games lost when tipped as the betting favorite.

Weight = 15

  • Losses – Total losses during the regular season.

Weight = 10

  • Negative comment percentage – The percentage of negative comments on Twitter and Reddit about the team between the 18th of October 2022 and the 9th of April 2023.

Weight = 5

  • Opponent steals per game – The average number of steals from the opposition team.
  • Opponent turnovers per game – The average number of turnovers from the opposition team.
  • Games missed through injuries – Total games missed by players through injury during the season.

To create the index, the above metrics were considered – some of which were weighted higher than others. For example, losing a game closely was deemed more stressful than turnovers per game.

The final score was then given out of 100. And the higher the number, the more stressed the fanbase was over the regular season.

Featured Image: Jason Getz/USA TODAY Sports
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