The Baltimore Orioles have revealed the design for their edition of the MLB City Connect Uniforms. Baltimore is the fifth franchise to get a City Connect uniform this year, with the National League’s Pittsburgh Pirates set to be the sixth and final team to get one in 2023.

The new uniform pictured below dons the City of Baltimore across the chest. It’s written in a bold typeface inspired by the Globe Collection and Press at Maryland Institute College of Art and the homegrown arts scene in Baltimore.

The phrase “You Can’t Clip These Wings” is placed at the bottom of the jersey by Baltimore-based poet and author Kondwani Fidel. The melody is meant to signify the City of Baltimore’s perseverance.

Orioles unveil City Connect uniforms, with colorful interior reflecting Baltimore's neighborhoods

The uniform is primarily black and white but contains a palette of colors to illustrate the artistic tapestry of Baltimore and the colors that run deep in the city. The patterns on the sleeves represent the neighborhoods that shape Baltimore, inspired by the city’s arts culture.

The cap features a “script” B, similar to the script on the road Orioles jerseys. The B represents the love the franchise has for the city.

Baltimore Orioles unveil new uniforms inspired by Maryland Institute College of Art

The Orioles will debut their City Connect uniforms on Friday, May 26th, at Camden Yards against the Texas Rangers.

Photo: Baltimore Orioles

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