The 2023 NBA season has wrapped up, and many are already looking to 2024 for the next NBA Champion.
The Denver Nuggets have gentlemen swept the Miami Heat for the title, cementing Nikola Jokic as an all-time center.

Extremely early Las Vegas odds have the Nuggets repeating next year. If the team stays intact, repeating is very feasible.

However, with the next NBA season so far out, there’s a fair chance the field could very well take next year’s title.

Mile High Repeats

As history has shown, only 13 teams in the Association’s history have repeated as champions—the Nuggets’ chances of repeating hinge on a few things that are primarily out of their power. There are sure to be a number of players on the move in the off-season. This can bolster other potential contenders’ chances of dethroning the Nuggets come next postseason.

However, keeping the core together of Jokic, Jamal Murray, and Michael Porter Jr. has shown to be a winning formula. This season, the Nuggets were somehow an overlooked buzzsaw of a team. With a winning coach and formula, along with the same roster structure and Nikola Jokic continuing his historical play, the Nuggets could see themselves back on top next year.

The Field

As alluded to previously, there are sure to be a number of high-impact players on the move this off-season. Whether it be through free agency or off-season trades, the Association is due for another entertaining Summer. The Boston Celtics currently have the second-best odds of winning the title next season; however, with Jaylen Brown’s situation, the roster could look completely different by next season.

The other big players included in the field are the Phoenix Suns, who have some retooling to do of their own, along with the Chris Paul situation.

The Golden State Warriors are stuck between a rock and a hard place. With GM Bob Myers stepping down a few weeks ago and the seemingly irreparable broken chemistry within the roster, they have much to figure out on their end.

The Philadelphia 76ers are in danger of losing James Harden. The Process has largely been unsuccessful, so time is running out on Embiid’s championship window.

The Los Angeles Lakers will always have a chance with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but do they swing for the fences for Kyrie?

With the field being as packed as it is, there is also plenty of room for sleepers to come into the fold. The Miami Heat this season was a prime example. Jumping from a play-in team to an NBA Finals appearance, though rare, could still very well happen.

The amount of parity in the NBA is something that fans and media members all truly value.

Though the Nuggets open up as a favorite for next season for a good reason, there is also a high chance the field takes it, and we can crown another new NBA champion in 2024.

Photo: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

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