While the Golden State Warriors acquired hall-of-famer Chris Paul, the Washington Wizards received Jordan Poole in the deal.
Poole, a microwave scorer off the bench for the dynastic Warriors, is now in Washington, where he would become the unquestioned number one option.

Poole’s offensive talents were shown to be elite while with the Warriors. Poole has shown his elite offensive talent with the Warriors over the past two seasons. However, chemistry issues derailed the passing of the torch down to the younger players of the Warriors.

With Poole being the number one option on his team, it’s a great place to see what his ceiling could be.

No Filter

Poole showed many flashes of offensive dominance in Steph Curry’s absence due to injury in the past few seasons. A proven volume scorer, he netted 20 points per game on 43% shooting from the field and 33% from distance. Mind you, this is in a Golden State Warriors system that hinges on ball movement and off-the-ball screening.

With a Warriors system affecting Poole’s game, it was quite apparent that Poole’s best attribute proved to be improvisation. A system that nerfed his on-ball creation a bit reared its head in the postseason, specifically against the Lakers.  From the championship season of 2022, Poole’s numbers dropped across the board during this Playoff run. This could be attributed to the lingering off-court issues and Poole consistently looking mentally disengaged.

Green Light

The Wizards are throwing their hat in the tanking ring, and Poole will have the keys to the franchise for the time being. This will allow Poole’s creativity to flourish in the nation’s capital. Poole joins a Washington team that has no direction to go but down after trading their two big pieces in Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis. This could very well either help or hurt Poole’s development.

This situation will allow him to be in a way more significant role than Golden State. It’s quite apparent that Wizards aren’t competing for anything anytime soon, so Poole might actually have the brightest green light in the association right now. This allows for him to be a focal point of an offense, make mistakes and learn from them. Without the chains of a Golden State system, Poole can be as creative as he wants with a boom or bust type of mentality.

However, the downside of this includes the fact that Poole will unquestionably be labeled as an “empty stat” guy. This is the same type of role Devin Booker had in his early years in Phoenix. Until the Wizards show the capability to grab pieces that can contribute and build toward a winning culture, it will be extremely tough for Poole to shed that narrative.

For now, Poole gets a fresh start, and it will surely be an interesting watch.

Photo: Scott Strazzante/The Chronicle

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