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NFL Fan Chant Power Ranking

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The NFL is famous for being fiercely competitive, with a hyped-up home crowd even known to swing a result from time to time. But which football franchise has the most intimidating fans? We wanted to find out.

By identifying each team’s most prominent songs and analyzing Spotify data for intensity, loudness, and energy, we’ve been able to reveal which NFL fanbases boast the most powerful support. We’ve also explored which NFL slogan is the most popular among social media audiences.

The Most Popular NFL Slogans

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According to our research, the Los Angeles Chargers officially have the most popular NFL slogan, according to fans, with an impressive positive social media sentiment score of 33.1%. However, despite a strong return, there are only 136,000 recorded mentions of #BoltUp in the last 12 months, just over half the figure of nearby rivals the Los Angeles Rams’ #RamsHouse (243,000).

Meanwhile, with the second-most popular slogan, we have the Green Bay Packers, whose #GoPackGo picked up a positive sentiment score of 32.7%, followed by the Buffalo Bills’ #BillsMafia (31.5%) and Carolina Panthers’ #KeepPounding (28.7%). In fifth, the Detroit Lions’ #OnePride has a positive sentiment score of 27.9%, followed by the Rams’ 27.2% and Denver Broncos’ #BroncosCountry (27%).

Taking eighth, just under 1 in every 4 social media posts citing the Dallas Cowboys’ #DallasCowboys was positive, with the Texan franchise also taking second place for an overall number of posts (1.7 million), behind only the Cleveland Browns (5.4 million).

Finally, rounding out the ten most popular NFL slogans, we have the Miami Dolphins’ #FinsUp and New York Giants’ #TogetherBlue, which record positive sentiment scores of 23.8% and 23.7%, respectively.

Which NFL Fanbase Has the Most Intimidating Chanting?

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Reviewing Spotify data for each distinctive team chant and fight song uploaded by NFL supporters, we’ve been able to determine the loudest and most intimidating fanbases sure to leave opposition teams quaking.

Taking the top spot, we can officially crown the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Duuuuval as the most intimidating chant in the NFL, with an incredible loudness score of 42. This is over ten times the score achieved by fellow Floridians, the Miami Dolphins, whose anthem is the second-least intimidating (4).

In second, the Tennessee Titans’ Get Loud (Titan Up) registers an impressive loudness score of 35, followed by the Kansas City Chiefs’ Mo Bamba (23), which also ranks among the three best hype-up songs, with 144 beats per minute (more on this below). Incidentally, the Kansas City Chiefs also hold the record for the loudest-ever NFL venue, with Arrowhead Stadium recording an astonishing 142.2 decibels in 2014.

Claiming fourth, we have the New England Patriots and Your Love, with a loudness score of 21, ahead of the Dallas Cowboys’ Do Something (18) and the Las Vegas Raiders (15). Though, with the Raiders expected to rank among the most expensive teams to watch by 2025, you’d expect nothing less than an electric atmosphere.

Also featuring among the teams with the most intimidating chants, we have a double dose of New York, with the Jets’ and Giants’ singing scoring 14 and 13, respectively, while the New Orleans Saints (13) and San Francisco 49ers (13) round out our list. Though, 49ers supporters might need to change their tune if inspiring success is their aim, with the team failing to win a championship since 1994.

Which NFL Teams Gave the Best Hype-Up Chants?

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We also analyzed Spotify data to determine which NFL fanbases are best at hyping up their team by looking at the average beats per minute (BPM) and energy of their chanting.

Taking the top spot, Philadelphia Eagles fans have the most intense chanting, with their support peaking at 196 BPM. The Eagles have enjoyed relative success in recent times, reaching a couple of Super Bowls since 2017 to double their overall tally, so the supporters are clearly playing their part.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs take second and third, followed by the LA Rams. Just as above, there’s a correlation between high-tempo support and Super Bowl success, with the Eagles, Chiefs, and Rams winning a combined four of the last six editions (with all three also finishing runner-up in that time).

In joint-fifth, Las Vegas Raiders and Seattle Seahawks supporters each scored 138, ahead of the New England Patriots (129) and Cincinnati Bengals (129). Finally, rounding out the ten NFL teams with the best hype-up chants, we have the Chicago Bears (126) and Washington Commanders (125).

It’s clear to see just how impactful a stadium full of supporters can be with the energy and tempo they bring, sometimes even enough to lead their team to glory.
As we wait for the new NFL season to begin and the drama and high-stakes action that it promises, check out all the latest updates from our experts over on our NFL blog, including the most superstitious football franchises.

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