New research from into the geographic location of NFL fans has revealed which NFL franchises have the highest percentage of international fans based on their social media following.

The research revealed that the San Francisco 49ers have the highest percentage of international fans in the NFL, with over half of their social media following living outside the US (51.10%).

The Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots claim a joint second place, with international fans accounting for 44.50% of their social media followings.

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For some time now, the NFL has been expanding abroad and trying to broaden its horizons in terms of attracting fans around the globe. On the 27th of June, tickets for their November 5th game between the Chiefs and the Dolphins in Germany sold out in just 15 minutes – their efforts are clearly working!

Because of this, the guys over at decided to use HypeAuditor to analyze the social media following of every team in the NFL in order to reveal which teams have the highest percentage of international fans in the league.

The following table ranks every team in the NFL in order of highest to lowest percentage of international fans, along with the country which is home to the largest portion of their international fans:

RankTeamUS FansInternational FansLargest International Fanbase% of fans from that country
1San Francisco 49ers48.90%51.10%Germany7.20%
2=Minnesota Vikings55.50%44.50%Germany5.20%
2=New England Patriots55.50%44.50%Mexico5.30%
4=Green Bay Packers56.20%43.80%Germany7.00%
4=Seattle Seahawks56.70%43.30%Germany8.30%
6Pittsburgh Steelers61.30%38.70%Mexico9.20%
7Miami Dolphins63.70%36.30%Brazil6.70%
8Dallas Cowboys63.80%36.20%Mexico9.80%
9Philadelphia Eagles65.90%34.10%Jordan8.80%
10Arizona Cardinals66%34.00%Mexico3.40%
11Las Vegas Raiders66.50%33.50%Mexico5.40%
12Denver Broncos66.60%33.40%Mexico4.60%
13=Carolina Panthers67.50%32.50%Germany4.50%
13=New Orleans Saints67.50%32.50%Brazil3.60%
15Baltimore Ravens67.80%32.20%Mexico4.00%
16Cincinnati Bengals68.20%31.80%Canada2.50%
17New York Giants68.30%31.70%Brazil4.00%
18Atlanta Falcons69.20%30.80%Germany4.10%
19Los Angeles Rams69.40%30.60%Mexico3.00%
20Indianapolis Colts71%29.00%Mexico4.30%
21Los Angeles Chargers72.70%27.30%Mexico5.80%
22Tennessee Titans73.50%26.50%China2.30%
23Jacksonville Jaguars73.70%26.30%Canada1.90%
24Kansas City Chiefs73.90%26.10%Germany2.40%
25Tampa Bay Buccaneers75.20%24.80%United Kingdom2.30%
26Detroit Lions75.30%24.70%China2.40%
27Buffalo Bills75.80%24.20%Canada4.60%
28Chicago Bears75.90%24.10%Germany2.50%
29=Houston Texans76.30%23.70%Mexico2.90%
29=New York Jets76.30%23.70%China2.30%
31Cleveland Browns77%23.00%United Kingdom2%
32Washington Commanders78.50%21.50%India4.60%

The research revealed that the San Francisco 49ers lead the way in the NFL when it comes to international fans, with over half of their social media followers residing abroad!

The Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots claim a joint second place, with 44.50% of their fans being internationally based, with the Green Bay Packers in 4th place with 43.80%.

Mexico is the most common country to dominate the international fanbases of the NFL, appearing 11 times as the team’s largest international fanbase.
Germany is close behind in second place, appearing 8 times on the list, while China, Canada, and Brazil are tied for third place with 3 appearances each.

Photo: SB Nation

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