For the first time in his career, Harry Kane is close to leaving Tottenham permanently.
A divorce like this would bring a new era of uncertainty for both sides. However, a clean break is best for both to move on.

Few players mean as much to their club as Kane does for Tottenham. With a new manager and project in London, it’s time for both sides to move on.

Bayern Munich are the most likely candidate to swoop up the English talisman. Needing a striker to replace Lewandowski, Bayern would give Kane a real shot at glory. Furthermore,  it would give him a chance to continue his legacy in a different league.

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A good fee would give new manager Ange Postecoglou the funds to mold Tottenham into his vision. These funds could be used to solidify their defense and find the pieces for Tottenham’s next era. There is almost no chance that Spurs could find an adequate replacement for Kane this window, but all eyes will need to be on the future.

Kane and Tottenham have pushed one another to heights no one could have imagined. Now, it’s time to say goodbye.

There should be no doubt that Kane is a Prem legend who has built his own legacy at his boyhood club. Despite his legacy in England, to be truly remembered as a winner, his future lies elsewhere.

Tottenham is nowhere near close to being ready to win anything. On the other hand, Bayern is a striker away from dominating Europe. It’s a team that consistently finds ways to win and is in the midst of a big project.

When Lewandowski departed, he left a hole that almost no player could fill. A true 25+ goal-a-season striker that can fit into any side. Kane may not be the player he once was, but he is the best imitator of the Polish star.

Bayern’s system already has creative wingers and midfielders, the likes of which Kane has never played before. No more would Kane have to carry the weight of an entire team’s offense, with the likes of Musiala and Sané to help.

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Kane would, in turn, give the Germans a true focal point of the attack. A big reason behind their struggles last season was having too many creative players but no finisher. They got away with it against weaker sides, but in the Champions League, the defenses corralled all Munich attacks.

Other clubs may come calling, but it’s hard to see a better situation for the Englishman outside of Munich. Both sides would find in each other what they have desperately been missing.

Every major club in London has undergone a sort of rebuild in the past few seasons. A Kane departure would allow the Spurs to finally begin a much-needed reset.

Since reaching the Champions League final, Spurs have tried to recapture that magic moment despite time catching up to them. Managers and players have come and gone, but the goal of the team has remained the same. Even in the face of insurmountable odds, try to finally win a trophy.

Leading the club to make bad gambles on various projects that never meshed with their timelines. The Conte and Mourinho reigns were attempts to milk the last gasps of a dying era, delivering mixed results. However, the only thing that remained the same across those eras was Tottenham always being far from a trophy.

A divorce with Kane would, without a doubt, be painful for all involved. It would also give the lily whites a chance to finally start fresh.

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Ange Postecoglu is the perfect manager to begin a new era with. The Australian has proven to be excellent at building a culture and winning. With Kane gone, he would have full control of the club’s future and could mold it in his vision.

Additionally, any fee could be reinvested into the squad and be used to add talented younger players across the pitch. Bissouma, Romero, and Udogie are all part of an exciting youth movement, and additional pieces are available upon a Kane departure. With Kane gone, other experienced players could see the exit door, which would give Postecoglou a blank check.

Spurs fans and players alike would be devastated by a potential Kane departure. Yet, it is also true that it may be what’s best for the club.

In what feels like a mirror image of the Damian Lillard situation, a club icon is on the way out, and it may be best for everyone. If both player and team are serious about winning, this separation has to happen.
Neither side can afford any more half-measures or time lost; it’s either start fresh or continue losing in the same manner.

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