Major League Baseball released its postseason schedule on Tuesday, giving some fans the dates to look forward to as the regular season winds down.

The Wild Card Series kicks off on Tuesday, October 3rd, on ESPN, which begins the official march to the Fall Classic, which will start Friday, October 27th, on FOX.

As we look ahead to who may participate in this year’s postseason, it’s a great time to make some predictions based on the current standings in the AL and NL.

Postseason positioning as of 9:07 PM PST on August 9th

2023 American League Wild Card Series

(6) Toronto Blue Jays vs. (3) Minnesota Twins

Prediction: Toronto in 2

(5) Houston Astros vs. (4) Tampa Bay Rays

Prediction: Astros in 2

2023 National League Wild Card Series

(6) Miami Marlins vs. (3) Milwaukee Brewers

Prediction: Brewers in 3

(5) San Francisco Giants vs. (4) Philadelphia Phillies

Prediction: Phillies in 3

2023 American League Division Series

(6) Toronto Blue Jays vs. (2) Texas Rangers

Prediction: Rangers in 4

(5) Houston Astros vs. (1) Baltimore Orioles

Prediction: Astros in 5

2023 National League Division Series

(3) Milwaukee Brewers vs. (2) Los Angeles Dodgers

Prediction: Dodgers in 3

(4) Philadelphia Phillies vs. (1) Atlanta Braves

Prediction: Braves in 4

2023 American League Championship Series

(5) Houston Astros vs. (2) Texas Rangers

Prediction: Rangers in 7

ALCS MVP: Adolis Garcia, Texas

2023 National League Championship Series

(2) Los Angeles Dodgers vs. (1) Atlanta Braves

Prediction: Braves in 6

NLCS MVP: Matt Olson, Atlanta

2023 World Series


2023 World Series champions: Braves in 6

World Series MVP: Spencer Strider, Atlanta

Photo: MLB

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