New research from has revealed which NFL teams are the Best Bang For Your Buck Team To Support.

In the first place, for the best bang for your buck team in the NFL, are the Cincinnati Bengals, with Bengals fans paying $4.30 per point at home last season!

Completing the podium are the Detroit Lions in second place, paying $4.38 per point, and the Atlanta Falcons in third place, paying $5.54 per point.

Tickets to go and watch our favorite teams are the most expensive they have ever been, and there’s nothing worse than coming home from a game that wasn’t exciting! People want to see their team score the maximum amount of points scored possible.

So, this asks the question, which teams are the best bang for your buck to watch in the NFL?

Thanks to new research from, The Best Bang For Your Buck Teams in the NFL have been revealed.

By analyzing the average ticket prices of every team in the NFL and comparing them to how many points each home teams score at home, the teams that are the best bang for your buck in the NFL have been ranked in the following table:

RankTeamsAverage home points scoredAverage ticket priceHow much it costs per point
1Cincinnati Bengals28.13$121$4.30
2Detroit Lions33.11$145$4.38
3Atlanta Falcons24.89$138$5.54
4Cleveland Browns22.50$125$5.56
5Dallas Cowboys30.00$175$5.83
6Buffalo Bills31.75$186$5.86
7Jacksonville Jaguars22.38$144$6.44
8New York Jets18.63$121$6.50
9Minnesota Vikings27.00$178$6.59
10Indianapolis Colts19.25$129$6.70
11Houston Texans15.25$104$6.82
12Carolina Panthers22.11$156$7.06
13Washington Commanders17.78$132$7.43
14New York Giants22.33$167$7.48
15Arizona Cardinals19.56$150$7.67
16New Orleans Saints21.33$164$7.69
17Los Angeles Chargers21.75$170$7.82
18San Francisco 49ers28.00$228$8.14
19Baltimore Ravens19.13$167$8.73
20Miami Dolphins21.63$189$8.74
21Seattle Seahawks22.11$209$9.45
22Kansas City Chiefs25.13$250$9.95
23Los Angeles Rams21.89$227$10.37
24Philadelphia Eagles26.89$287$10.67
25Tennessee Titans18.13$197$10.87
26Pittsburgh Steelers19.88$227$11.42
27Green Bay Packers23.89$282$11.80
28Chicago Bears19.56$234$11.97
29Denver Broncos18.00$235$13.06
30Tampa Bay Buccaneers21.44$311$14.50
31New England Patriots19.50$286$14.67
32Las Vegas Raiders27.13$448$16.52

The research shows that the Cincinnati Bengals are the team that is the best bang-for-your-buck team to support in the NFL. With an average ticket price of $121 and the Bengals scoring an average of 28.13 points at home, the Cincinnati Bengals are the best team to go and watch, with Bengals fans only having to pay $4.30 per point at home – the cheapest in the league!

The Detroit Lions are the second-best bang for your buck team to support in the NFL, with fans paying $4.38 per point. The Lions score an average of 33.11 points at home, with an average ticket price of just $104 – the cheapest ticket price in the NFL!

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Taking the third-place spot are the Atlanta Falcons. The average price of a ticket to watch the Falcons last season was $138, and they scored an average of 24.82 points last season. This results in Falcons fans paying $5.54 per point when watching the Falcons play at home.

When it comes to the worst bang for your buck teams, the Las Vegas Raiders take that crown. The Raiders charged an average of $448 to watch their home games last season, and they only scored an average of 27.13 points at home last season. This resulted in Raiders fans paying $16.52 per point last season – the highest in the league.

The New England Patriots are not much better than the Raiders when it comes to bang for their buck, as they charge an average ticket price of $286 and scored an average of 19.50 points at the Gillette Stadium, meaning that Patriot fans are paying $14.67 per point when watching their team play at home.

The third worst bang for your buck team in the NFL is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With an average ticket price of $311 last season and scoring an average of 21.44 points at the Raymond James Stadium, it works out that Bucs fans pay $14.50 per point.


To determine the Best Bang For Your Buck Teams, we analyzed the average cost of a ticket and the number of points each home team scored at their home stadium last season.

To get this data, we used ESPN’s results table to find out the scores of each team. For the average ticket price, we used Tickpick’s figures for the NFL and Ticketiq for the NBA.

Once we found these two figures for every team in the NFL and NBA, we found out how much it cost to see their team score one point by dividing the average ticket price by the average amount of home points they scored last season.

Photo: Owen Valley High School

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