New research from into social media posts over the past year has revealed which NFL fans are thought of as the most annoying in the league.

The results revealed that Dallas Cowboys fans are the most annoying fans in the league, with there being over 15,000 social media posts made over that past year describing them as the most irritating fans in football!

Philadelphia Eagles fans and Buffalo Bills fans claim second and third place when it comes to grinding the gears of other NFL Fans, with each fanbase receiving 13,700 and 12,300 posts over the past year, respectively.

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Over the course of a season, there can be many fanbases that annoy the rest of the league’s fans for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be by gloating after a fortuitous win or by complaining too much after a bad decision, every fanbase does this to an extent, causing other fans to take to social media to vent their frustration with that fanbase.

Because of this, decided to utilize Linkfluence to analyze the total amount of social media posts that have been made over the past year in which each fanbase is referred to as “annoying” in order to reveal the Most Annoying Fans in the NFL.

The following table ranks every team in the NFL in order of highest number of posts:

RankTeamNumber of posts
1Dallas Cowboys15,200
2Philadelphia Eagles13,700
3Buffalo Bills12,300
4Kansas City Chiefs10,800
5Green Bay Packers6,900
6Cincinnati Bengals6,400
7Chicago Bears5,360
8New York Jets5,310
9New York Giants4,840
10Baltimore Ravens4,000
11Cleveland Browns3,710
12Pittsburgh Steelers3,540
13New Orleans Saints3,110
14Minnesota Vikings3,090
15Miami Dolphins3,060
16Detroit Lions2,980
17San Francisco 49ers2,610
18New England Patriots2,410
19Las Vegas Raiders2,370
20Denver Broncos2,010
21Los Angeles Chargers1,890
22Seattle Seahawks1,700
23Arizona Cardinals1,540
24Carolina Panthers1,330
25Tennessee Titans1,030
26Los Angeles Rams970
27Indianapolis Colts930
28Atlanta Falcons620
29Houston Texans520
30Washington Commanders450
31Tampa Bay Buccaneers290
32Jacksonville Jaguars210

The research shows that Cowboys fans are deemed to be the Most Annoying Fans in the NFL, with a total of 15,200 social media posts made in the past year describing them as annoying. Eagles fans and Bills fans claim second and third place with 13,700 and 12,300, respectively, with Chiefs fans in fourth place and Packers fans in fifth.

At the other end of the table, Jaguars fans appear to be the least annoying set of fans in the NFL, with just 210 posts made in the past year describing them as annoying, followed closely by Bucs fans in second from last place and Commanders in third from last place.


The data was gathered using the social media listening tool Linkfluence by analyzing the total amount of posts made, which included the word “Annoying” along with the fans of each team in the same post.

Photo: Fitzcrittle/Shutterstock

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