The end of summer means something different for aficionados of American football.

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), which has tracked statistics for the greater fantasy sports industry since 1988, has stated that some 59 million people are expected to play fantasy sports in the U.S. in 2017.

The number is doubled the number of fantasy sports players in 2010.

However, why do people like playing fantasy football?

And how do you “play” that, anyway?

The draw to that is the competition, as the attraction to fantasy football and generally to fantasy sports tracks its roots in the victorious bragging rights within a small “league” comprised of about ten (10) to twelve (12) friends or associates and there is a financial reward for it.

At the end of the season, the winner obtains the financial reward. 

How It Works

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Fantasy football league works by taking turns picking and choosing a number of current professional football players based on how they think those players will perform statistically in the upcoming season. In other words, they draft the players. Several leagues adhere to the  National Football League (NFL) season, but there are leagues that follow college football or the Canadian Football League, too. 

In fantasy league, you follow the game schedule that the NFL (National Football League) does. The league participants pit their players against the players of their fellow league participants. It starts in the same way and manner that a real football team does – through activating players and “benching” others, with everyone in a real football position. 

The players then complete passes and garner yards and points – like their real-life football games in a week. As a result, the real-life statistics carry over into the points in fantasy leagues. Unlike baccarat online, it’s not purely a game of chance! 


The first fantasy football games were played in 1962, before the age of personal computers, so calculating player and team statistics from week to week was an arduous math-intensive process. Since the 1990s, however, many leagues have relied on Internet services and applications, which help with drafting, scheduling, and tabulating the statistics. For each head-to-head matchup, whichever league participant has the highest point tally wins the game for that week. Each fantasy football team in the league faces a new opponent each week.


There are many people who participate in fantasy football. In 2022, over 62.5 million people joined and played in a fantasy sports league in Canada and the United States. From the sample, the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association said that 79% of them were actively into playing fantasy gridiron football online.

A 2023 survey indicated that  48% of the fantasy sports leagues comprised those between the ages of eighteen (18) and thirty-four (34). On the other hand, there was a difference between the participation then and now. In 1988, 500,000 individuals took part in a fantasy league. The fantasy organization stated that the league didn’t hit one million participants until 1991.

Wrapping Up

Fantasy football can be fun!

This activity is for you if you are a football lover and enthusiast.

Join like-minded football lovers and compete with your teams against theirs!

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