NBA fans will be looking forward to celebrating it gameday on Thursday, and we all know how high tensions can run both on the court and in the stands.
But while the on-court action is usually the focus, the online chatter among fans can be even more heated.

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In other words, NBA fans are passionate, and their passion can sometimes lead to bad behavior online. But have you ever wondered which fanbases are the most vulgar online?

New research from Betway has outlined who the frontrunners are based on swear words used in each NBA team’s subreddit.

Based on the data, it was revealed that:

  • The Phoenix Suns have the highest number of vulgar words used by their fans, with a total of 577.
  • The Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers are close behind, with 524 and 501 vulgar words used by their fans, respectively.
  • The Charlotte Hornets have the lowest number of vulgar words used by their fans, with a total of 82.

The following table ranks the NBA teams based on the total number of vulgar words used across each team’s subreddit:

TeamF*ck mentionsSh*t mentionsF*cking mentionsCr*p mentions Total number of vulgar words
Phoenix Suns2748019033577
Toronto Raptors24714112115524
Philadelphia 76ers2667013827501
Golden State Warriors1991527518444
New York Knicks12915314317442
Los Angeles Lakers15710010642405
Oklahoma City Thunder13013711917403
Minnesota Timberwolves1791406813400
Houston Rockets13812113125388
San Antonio Spurs1349612228380
Miami Heat1867410314377
Los Angeles Clippers19467726339
Utah Jazz171684046325
Atlanta Hawks15873705306
Sacramento Kings139668217304
Orlando Magic124579522298
Boston Celtics921028417295
Washington Wizards1371073111286
Indiana Pacers18772663283
Milwaukee Bucks14689259269
Denver Nuggets135892210256
Brooklyn Nets72907211245
Dallas Mavericks11179435238
Cleveland Cavaliers12768106211
Detroit Pistons (former Phoenix Suns)10257315195
New Orleans Pelicans9568237193
Memphis Grizzlies10153314189
Portland Trail Blazers73495512189
Chicago Bulls9546369186
Charlotte Hornets442212482


We scraped each NBA team’s subreddit posts from the past 4 years to gather insights and characteristics of each community. We sourced the number of mentions in each subreddit for vulgar words to reveal the fanbases that use the most profanity.

All data is correct as of 10/13/2023

Photo: 12019/Pixabay

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