The New York Yankees are reportedly making a change to their road jerseys for the first time in 50 years. Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas reported the potential change on Tuesday.

The change is set to be small, but noticeable, as the team will remove the white outline from the words “New York” on their road grays. New York will also get rid of the white outlining on the sleeves of the jerseys.

(via Uni Watch)

The Yankees added the white trim to the jerseys back in 1973, and the look has been maintained on the road grays since then. The only adjustment in that time was when New York minimized the space between the two words on the jersey in 2016.

(via Uni Watch)

The Yankees sported a similar look during the 2021 season when they played the Chicago White Sox in the Field of Dreams Game. The font on these new uniforms however will have a more modern look. This change will give the Yankees and their fans a huge throwback, nostalgic feel to road games, as the team goes back to the look that former franchise stars such as Mickey Mantle and Lou Gehrig sported.

(Featured image via @In_Sane744 on X)

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