The Oakland Athletics are officially playing in their final season in Oakland.
The A’s 57th year in the Bay Area will mark its last, as the team will play at Sutter Health Park in West Sacramento starting with the 2025 season.

The deal with the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, majority owners of the Sacramento River Cats (who currently occupy Sutter Health Park), is for the 2025-2027 seasons, with an option for a fourth season.

The fourth-year option is a failsafe in case the A’s new ballpark is not ready for the 2028 season.

The A’s and Rivercats will share Sutter Health Park, as the Rivercats will play their home games when the A’s are on the road during the shared seasons.

Sutter Health Park will need certain renovations to ensure the field is up to Major League Baseball standards. This includes adding the necessary LED lighting, another clubhouse, and more. The stadium currently seats just over 10,000, with the opportunity to expand it to 14,000 with grass outfield seats.

The A’s don’t plan on attaching the City of Sacramento to their team name during their tenure in Sacramento.
They will just go by “The Athletics” or “The A’s” until they officially move to Las Vegas when they will be named the Las Vegas Athletics.

Photo: Paul Kitagaki Jr

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